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LIVE IT UP: A Manifesto of DIVERSITY AVITA offers a preview glimpse of its 2022 product line-up

Brings to people a more diversified digital era in terms of Product Innovation, Color Design, User Experience, and Worldwide Recognition

7 January, 2022 – International tech-fashion brand AVITA has always been about incorporating diversity into its products offering, encompassing this in all aspects of its innovation and technology, product design and user experience creation. With DIVERSITY embedded within its core brand values under the theme of “Empowering Every Lifestyle”, AVITA and its subbrands are pleased to present a preview of its forthcoming 2022 model line-up.

Mr. Alex Chung, CEO and Co-Founder of Nexstgo Company Limited, introduced the 2022 AVITA range by saying, “DIVERSITY has always been a defining characteristic of the AVITA brand, and also the key to our success. It is this Essence of DIVERSITY that inspires us to offer: Diversity in Product Innovation, to understand consumer behaviors and preferences when it comes to our product design, to break through the perceived boundaries, and deliver a multi-brand strategy to rapidly grow internationally; Diversity in User Experience, creating various smart devices that fit our users’ lifestyles, and diversifying into areas such as smart home and IoT; Diversity in Color Option & Design, giving users the chance to represent themselves and their identity, so their laptop goes beyond simply being a tool; and finally, Diversity in Worldwide Recognition – our LIBER V was awarded the coveted Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, in addition AVITA ADMIROR was granted the 2020 CES Innovation Award and AVITA LIBER for 2019 Computex Best Choice Award. People globally can now see that AVITA stands for superior design quality, and that we offer a highly personal experience for a new generation of fashion-conscious tech users.”

AVITA – LIVE IT UP: Newly-refreshed Laptop Line-up bringing Diversity in Color Option & Design

The new laptop lineup includes AVITA ADMIROR Duo, taking users on a Fresh journey of self-discovery by unlocking the path towards achievement. Inheriting the unique design of AVITA’s 2020 CES Innovation Award-winning product, ADMIROR, which was inspired by the magnificence of Gothic architecture, the hinge concealed between the screen and keyboard references the renowned flying buttress of Gothic design. Shattering the norms and constraints of conventional laptops, and including the dual camera mode for livestreaming and conferencing, ADMIROR Duo’s intricate designs and eye-catching color options have been embraced by style-conscious users and critics alike, who crave for an individual style. Combining a number of professional features in a vibrant design resplendent in its fascinating outlook, this range continues to break through industry norms, going above and beyond the ordinary image of traditional notebooks.

Meanwhilst LIBER V lineup takes on an expansion with LIBER V Duo, bringing an even broader choice of colorways to the well-established and popular range. Based on the “Limitless Evolution” concept, LIBER V Duo’s design is inspired by the creativity of the avant-garde post-modern fortress La Muralla Roja in Spain, derived and injected with the use of neat geometic line together with the ground breaking geometric cubic style to breakthrough from conventional laptop design, taking it onto a next level aesthetically. LIBER V continues to feature a 3.7mm borderless ultra-narrow bezel, installing a 14-inch screen into a 13.3-inch body. Equipped with newly updated CPU and port connection, allowing users to devotively work, game and create anytime, anywhere. The 2nd generation also comes with a New Perspective on Creativity: the dual camera mode is capable of serving as a creative tool; letting users to flexibily choose the best shooting angle during video conferences, or live broadcast. Whether it is needed to display more details, dynamic expressions with the close-up lens, or leverage the panorama lens to capture a more comprehensive and action-driven photos. It is certainly an ideal for content creators or users who simply love to share their life experience online.

Being an expert in aesthetics and technology, AVITA has re-discovered the beauty in “lite”; we have reimagined the visual and practical features of its ESSENTIAL Lite range with exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by the art form characteristics derived from the Renaissance era, which emphasized on decorative features, regularity, proportion and symmetrical design. Riding on the close inspection of two-dimensional and three-dimensional composition in the drawings, to demonstrate a soft-touched yet vivid impression. The enhanced visual impacts has further elevated, with the innovative sculptural design, this ingenious art piece alike laptop offers a lightweight and hassle-free body at 1kg*. Unrestricted in use through its light weigh, ESSENTIAL Lite is equipped with 14” FHD display with IPS anti-glare feature, and the ultra-narrow bezel to create ultimate visual enjoyment. Pre-installed with Windows 11 Home version and a new user interface packed with intuitive features, the device allows users to operate multiple applications at the same time, enjoying gaming, entertainment and communication in full. ESSENTIAL Lite embodies excellent attitude and practical functionality, together with a full-sized island-style keyboard and a suite of connection ports, offering flexible and convenient usage. Available starting from 7th January onwards, ESSENTIAL Lite is aimed at users seeking casual performance for online movie viewing, everyday office work and e-learning. The series incorporates 8 colourful and stylish carved cover design to ideally present different user’s individual personality.

MAGUS 14/15 AiO laptop is built on the concept of work, play and do magical things together, to “Maximize Every Moment” and unleash potentials. With the enlarged touchscreen features that can be used as a share screen among household, the built-in HDMI output for extended entertainment experiences and enhanced work performance, without external screen or ports required. MAGUS operates on Windows system, with detachable keyboard and control to maximize your work progress. Combining comfort and practicality, the screen supports landscape/portrait display and can be switched quickly to laptop, tablet or display mode, with a built-in bracket allowing easy adjusting to the best viewing angle. Whilst MAGUS 15 comes with the enlarged 15.6” screen, and an additional port with HDMI input to enable no fuss connection with device such as set-up box, decoder and PC console, gives you a swift and smooth entertainment experience for those who love to work, play and live out of the ordinary.


SATUS, derived from the Latin word meaning ‘Start’ and ‘Growth’, is designed to be the ‘first PC’ for a new generation of young users who are highly familiar with studying under the constraints of the New Normal. This SATUS S-series is known for its simple and clear-cut design that presents a 15.6” FHD IPS screen, 178 degrees wide viewing angle to enable sharp display and visual impact in any angle. In additions, with built-in SSD to facilitate users to save and collect their multiple files, such as operating system, games, photos and music to enhance the overall PC performance. The multi-port connectivity and numeric keyboard allow users to flexibly getting their tasks done with convenience.

AVITA diversifies its laptop and PC product offering to Empower Every Lifestyle

AVITA has committed to achieving DIVERSITY across its user experience by further extending its commercial wing and desktop replacement solutions:

AVITA NEX, which is aimed squarely at the commercial segment, introduces the AVITA NEX Series. NEX Series gets several key enhancements, including pre-installed Windows 11 Pro OS, Top in class processor, dual camera mode enabling close up shots from the front together with a wider shot, making it ideal for use as a mobile conference center. Also with lightweight, secure and highly mobile, for high performance on the move.

AVITA’s AiO all-in-one PCs will be available in three different screen sizes while unveiling a new visual aesthetic, and will be introduced in the latter part of 2022. AiO PCs will fill the dual roles of serving as a superb all-round Entertainment Hub for lifestyle users and consumers, whilst having the power and capability to function as part of the mobile office set up for professional users. AiO PC is especially suited to professions which are image-driven, dependent on captivating and accurate visual representation, and for anyone working in the creative industry.

Building further on its promise to deliver ‘Diversity in User Experience’ as well as a newly reinvigorated user experience for 2022, AVITA has also refreshed its AVITA UBIQUE marque, a Lifestyle Gadget brand which will serve as a halo for its forthcoming accessory releases. AVITA UBIQUE products are designed to be used everywhere and provide strong, reliable performance on the go, along with exceptional style and convenience for users.

AVITA DOMUS: New ‘team members’ offering Diversity in Innovation

Introducing its new “team members” under the AVITA brand, the group is proud to launch AVITA DOMUS, a Smart Living technology brand under which a growing range of IoT solutions. As homes become more and more interconnected and intelligent, AVITA DOMUS will present devices which range from affordable to high-performance, all convenient, simple to set up and highly useful in the emerging IoT Smart Home of tomorrow.

AVITA products are now being sold in over 25 regions worldwide through its retail partnership with NEXSTGO, which continues to bring AVITA Diversity and Worldwide Brand Recognition.

AVITA products are available at NEXSTMALL and exclusive retailers.

*Weights may vary depending on manufacturing process.